The Kentucky Commission on Women organized a women’s health coalition in September of 2008 to brainstorm initiatives that will help change the grade for women’s health in Kentucky. Nationally, Kentucky ranks in the bottom third on the status of women’s health and well-being and if graded would receive an F. Please read about the Women’s Wellness Kiosk Project to find out what the Commission on Women is doing to improve women’s health across the Commonwealth.

While the Commonwealth of Kentucky has made positive strides over the years to improve the health status of women, the state still lags behind when compared to national health standards. In order to address this issue the Kentucky Commission on Women Foundation, Inc. has partnered with St. Andrew Development, a health education and learning technology company that develops personal learning kiosks directed towards underserved and overburdened communities. Working closely with women’s health experts, women’s advocates, government leaders and survivors, KCW has launched a bi-lingual interactive Women’s Wellness Guide. This statewide health initiative targets our state’s constituents most in need of behavioral change.

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